First of all, I have always felt that the town of Milton is pretty safe to live in. I have never really thought that there was a lot of crime. So why does the town of Milton need so many full-time police officers? I believe they have 15 full-time and 3 part time many of which are in high ranks:

Chief Brett Van Noordt
Sgt. John Palasik
Sgt. Stephen Laroche
Cpl. Jon Centabar
Cpl. Scott Philbrook
Cpl. Gordon LaFountain
Detective Cpl. Paul Locke
Detective Warren D. Burnor
Officer Bill Bosworth
Officer Chris Grenier
Officer Jason E. Porter
Officer Thomas M. DuPont, Jr.
Officer Kendra M. Raymond
Officer Frank A. Scalise
Officer Edouard Larente
Officer Jay Clark (part-time)
Officer Micah P. Genzlinger (part-time)
Officer Eric Thompson (part-time)

How much of the town’s money gets spent on them annually? And now they feel they need a K-9 unit? Is there really that much crime in Milton? Because the police officer is saying that we are in a high crime town. From what I can see they have an average of 110- 140 calls per week, and there is only 168 hours in a week, less than one call per hour. I feel that we are a town mostly filled with good people and that the police force is asking for unneeded things in a town that has to much already as far as police force goes.

You would think the town would spend more money on our youth’s activities versus patrol to keep an eye on them and their criminal behaviors. Do more things for them so that they don’t turn to drugs; that usually happens because they are bored or not really made aware. It hasn’t seemed like much funds are used for our town’s youth. It’s too bad that the residents of Milton don’t make a fuss about where their tax dollars are going. Are Milton’s residents upset about their new car that looks like they spent a fortune on? That vehicle wasn’t necessary I know that I am upset about this. But I only know that we have this many police officers because they are everywhere and read it in the Milton Independent a few months back. I suppose I should attend Town Meeting Day.

Holly Bessette