The Milton Middle School science department would like to thank all of the judges who played such an important role in helping to make the first Milton Middle School Science Fair a remarkable and extraordinary success. We would also like to thank and recognize George Slusser for his invaluable support in coordinating and guiding the judging process prior to and during this event.

During the planning phase of this event, we realized that we would need a large number of volunteers to review and evaluate each of the poster presentations on display that evening showcasing the work of nearly 350 sixth, seventh, and eighth grade students, in addition to interviewing the students about the understanding and interpretation of their research. We received an overwhelming response from individuals in science, technology, engineering, math and medical fields around Chittenden County. Nearly 70 individuals from such organizations as IBM, Husky, University of Vermont, St. Michael’s College, State of Vermont, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, NRG Systems, educators from Milton and multiple surrounding school districts, Milton High School alumni and community members volunteered their time and expertise that evening.

With your help, our students were able to present their work to a genuine audience and articulate their findings to the scientific community. We saw the students shine with pride and accomplishment that evening. We heard them speak of newly found confidence in the days after. We appreciate the support and importance you have shown the students by providing relevance and interest in their work and encouraging them to continue pursuing their innate curiosity and refining the inquiry process throughout their education into high school and beyond.

Nathan Caswell, Rob Decicco, Greer Krembs, Janet Smith and Catherine Thibault-Cote