Matt King, the former Milton Broncos president facing a felony embezzlement charge, is accused of stealing from a local slaughterhouse where he worked as a state meat inspector.

Milton police Detective Nick Hendry cited King last Friday for petit larceny, a misdemeanor crime for stealing property or money valued under $900. Hendry would not share details of the case until after King’s arraignment in January.

However, a co-owner of the facility, Bear Trap Custom Processing in Milton, confirmed they contacted police last week after suspecting King had stolen equipment from their business. King worked out of the facility most days over the last few years as part of his state job; slaughterhouses are required to provide office space for meat inspectors, who work on-site to monitor daily operations, Jean Kleptz said.

Kleptz, who owns the slaughterhouse with her husband, John, said they installed a camera last month after one of their employees noticed a package of sausage seasoning had gone missing. The Kleptzes assumed an employee was stealing, not the state meat inspector, she said.

“We have to trust these meat inspectors are doing their jobs when they come into the facility, because in the end, it’s our product that’s making it to the customers and that’s what we’re most concerned with,” she said.

“We want a meat inspector who’s doing their job,” she continued. “We don’t want one that comes in and steals from us.”

Kleptz assumed King took the equipment to use in his own operation, King’s Wild Game Processing. She filed a no-trespass order against King and notified the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Markets, including his supervisor, Diane Bothfeld, who confirmed he has worked there for the last four years.

Bothfeld said the state human resources department is investigating King but declined further comment.

King’s citation lands him in further legal trouble less than two weeks before he plans to change his plea in the Broncos embezzlement case in which police say he stole more than $10,000 from the local youth football program. That hearing is scheduled for December 19.

A phone call to King abruptly disconnected after the Independent asked to speak with him about his newest run-in with the law. He did not return a follow-up call.