Milton-Incumbents-2016TMDMost elected office holders in Milton and Georgia have indicated they’re leaning toward running for another term this Town Meeting Day.

In Milton, four selectboard seats will be on the ballot, since vice-chairman Stu King has already resigned his post. As he’s seeking to buy a house in Florida, he won’t meet residency requirements to serve in Milton.

That leaves two years of his three-year seat open.

Both John Bartlett and Ken Nolan have expressed interest in that term or the other open three-year seat. Nolan said if he does run, he expects the two to discuss their plans.

“We’ll work it out eventually,” he said Monday night. “The goal here is I don’t want to run against the people on the board already.”

Bartlett is already collecting signatures and hopes Nolan and selectman John Cushing seek office.

Reached Monday night, Cushing said he’s still undecided but is considering one of the one-year terms since residents have urged him to run again.

“I gotta think about it, but I think I’m going to try to do it one more term,” he said. “We made some progress, but boy, have we got a long way to go.”

If those plans sugar out, that leaves one more one-year term up for grabs.

On the Milton School Board side, three seats will be on the ballot: a three, two and one-year spot.

Georgia-Incumbents-2016TMDNewcomer Rae Couillard indicated she plans to run for the three-year term this March.

Michael Boisjoli, who was elected on a special ballot in June, initially planned to only finish out the late Jim Lyons’ term but had a change of heart.

“The problem is I didn’t get to scratch the surface of the things I wanted to do,” he said, noting the ongoing deficiencies with the Milton High School cafeteria and locker rooms.

Ballot measures to address these spaces have failed on prior Town Meeting ballots.

“We’ve spent six months on everything but that,” Boisjoli said.

Boisjoli will seek a one-year term since he is buying a house in Alburgh in 2017.

“I’ve got one year to help the school right the ship,” he said, later adding, “If the community believes in me that I want to help this school district and get better, then I’d say vote for me.”

Incumbent Karen LaFond, who is coming off a one-year term, did not return interview requests by deadline.

One resident has already filed a petition for a school board seat. DeWayne Nolan-Watkins, spouse of Milton principal Troy Nolan-Watkins, is seeking the two-year position. He filed his completed petition in November.

“I just have four small children, and they’re going to be in the system for a while,” he said. “I just felt like I needed to be active in the community, and what better way than the school board?”

Lastly, Gail Wixson, a Milton library trustee, is seeking re-election for a three-year seat this year.

In Georgia, all incumbents indicated they will run again for their respective seats.

Selectboard chairman Chris Letourneau’s three-year term is up, and Paul Jansen and Tara Wright will both seek one-year seats again.

Though Jansen indicated he was originally on the fence about running again, all three incumbents are currently collecting signatures at the Georgia town offices, Letourneau confirmed.

On the school side, voters will see three familiar names on the ballot: Kate Barnes and Meghan Sweeney are each running again for their one-year seats, and Ben Chiappinelli will run for another three-year term.

Chiappinelli is a quarter of Georgia’s representation on the Franklin West Supervisory Union Act 46 school merger study committee, which meets for the first time on January 28 and will explore unification options for the next year.

There’s still time to consider a run. Petitions for office are available in the Milton and Georgia town offices or on the Vt. Secretary of State’s website.

Interested citizens must collect at least 30 signatures of legally registered voters in their town of residence and return the completed form by 5 p.m. on Monday, Jan. 25.