Clearly I struck a few nerves with my letter. First: I never said Milton’s police force didn’t do their jobs. I said there is too much police force, many in high positions. Nevertheless, to sell our residents on a K9 unit because our police officer stated that we are a “high crime,” “high traffic” town bothered me. The only place in Vermont I feel that way about is Rutland. We are in a safe town because we choose to live in a town, not a city.

Greg, are you telling me our police officers aren’t fully trained? That they still need to learn how to use a taser gun after they are already officers? What I hear in your statement is that they don’t know how to be proficient. We could save a bunch of money to hire someone who is. I’m sure some paperwork is done during down times. I honestly don’t care if they get a dog, provided our officials weigh out chances of its successes and its potential for liability failures.

Colleen, I am sure Colchester would aid in finding a missing child in Milton if that situation arose. Also, I believe there is a bomb squad through the state police with K9 units. There are a lot of towns that don’t have a police department; they depend on the Vermont State Police or surrounding cities. Georgia’s population is 4,500, Fairfax’s 3,700 and there are many more towns without a force. However I feel that Milton needs one, just not so many.

What would the police force do if there were 10 calls in one hour? Probably the same thing the Fire Department would do if they got three calls. I assume they page the people on call or call upon surrounding towns to assist them. It doesn’t take too much math to figure out that, when you drive around the corner to come in Milton, eight out of 10 times, there will be a cruiser trying to nail you.

It also doesn’t take too much math to figure out that more can be done for our youth. Here’s some statistics: Out of the 750,000 drug busts in America, 400,000 are under the age of 25. Drugs are a huge problem, although I think different routes could be taken to detour our children from turning to drugs.  If K9 units made crime go down then why haven’t we won the war on drugs already?

Small town playing big city politics.

Holly Bessette