A detached garage and truck in Georgia were destroyed by fire late on New Year’s Day.

The garage at 450 Bronson Rd. was fully engulfed when firefighters from Georgia and St. Albans Town arrived on the scene around 11:30 p.m., Georgia Fire Chief Keith Baker said.

The fire spread to a truck parked in front of the garage and to a corner of the home, melting away siding and damaging a window.

The home is closer to the St. Albans Town station than to Georgia’s, explained Baker, so they asked for mutual aid, and town firefighters arrived slightly ahead of Georgia.

“The fire was under control in 15 minutes,” Baker said, though it took up to 90 minutes to fully extinguish it. “We had plenty of water, plenty of manpower.”

The garage and truck were a total loss. The home will need repairs but can still be occupied, Baker said.

The cause of the fire is undetermined but is not considered suspicious, he said.

Above photo: A garage caught fire on Bronson Road in Georgia late on New Year’s Day. The flames’ heat melted the nearby home’s siding, but the residence is habitable, the fire chief said. (By Dave St. Pierre)