Vermont provided affordable housing for the returning GI's after WW2. Indian Acres and Hiawatha area in Essex Jct. were small inexpensive homes, 3 bedroom ranches, expansion attics, on small lots. Then north Burlington, much the same. Milton has hundreds of small affordable homes. Then the entire community of affordable small homes on small lots around the Burlington Airport, which then bulldozed somewhere around 100 homes because they were not perfect enough, due to being near an airport. And 70 years later they are still, or could be, providing relatively affordable housing for young and old alike.

Now with zoning, land use, permits, Planning; somehow we lost sight of affordable, and more like ideal was demanded. Big lots, large homes, perfect everything to meet the version of zoning and planning PERFECTION. Only big homes improved out community, Only BIG homes paid enough taxes to educate our grade schoolers - now $16,000 per student!!

We know how to do it, but the pretty perfect people are in charge - and they will not allow "affordable" for those who need it.

The cause is easy to see. Small lots, small homes, maybe manufactured homes. All will be more affordable than the 30 unit apartments, jammed together now being allowed for the little people. no lawn, no sun, tiny, association fees, very little car parking, elevators, Living in a hotel setting.

We Need Affordable housing, not more $2500 a month apartments.

Doug Richmond

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