The town of Colchester will be replacing a major drainage culvert on East Road this July, a press release from the town offices said.

The existing culvert is failing and is also undersized. The overall project is expected to take 14 days. To ensure the safety of both travelers and the contractor, there will need to be a temporary road closure that will prohibit thru traffic on East Road for approximately 7-10 consecutive calendar days. 

The exact week of the closure will be determined as the project approaches and additional updates will be provided.

The closure will be located 1 mile north of the Route 2A intersection. Local traffic will be permitted on either side of the closure; however, there will be no thru traffic movements during the temporary closure. 

Message boards announcing the specific closure dates will be installed one week in advance of the closure. A detour will be installed via Austin House Road and Middle Road, although the town encourages all travelers to use Route 7 during the closure to avoid delays, excessive wear to these gravel roads and negative impacts to the residents who live along these low volume gravel roadways.

Contact Colchester public works project manager Kevin McAleer at 264-5639 or with any questions.