There’s a new face at the Milton Town School District office. Following the retirement of business manager Don Johnson, Katie Glover will fill the role. Her first day on the job was July 1.

Glover learned of the open position through her friendship with superintendent Amy Rex. She holds an undergraduate degree in business from the University of Vermont, and a graduate degree in accounting. She also brings seven years experience in the private sector, where she worked for an insurance auditing firm in Burlington. 

Glover comes to Milton after a short stint with the Burlington school district.  She said she’s excited to settle into the public sector, and embraces the very different environment. She met with The Independent  on her second day at work, over pizza made by kids at their culinary camp in the Milton Middle School cafeteria.

“Here I don’t have to schmooze and talk about how exciting insurance is,” she said. “And I can work for something that has a mission I can believe in.”

Glover said her biggest challenge is to streamline the way the district handles documents, and that challenge is a result of the 2018 state mandate to have all districts use the Shared School District Data Management System. Glover is excited about this because not only will it lead to a totally paperless system (purchase orders, for example, are still paper documents at the district), but she says it will promote more transparency and interaction between departments.

“Once it’s all through the mandated system, the entire admin staff will be able to see all the budget changes in real time,” she said. “I think it will give people more control over their own budget.”

Glover has one year to implement the new system, and her time at the Burlington district, where she helped implement the new system, gave her a bit of a head start in that direction.

“It’s nice to already have a project to work on,” she said. 

Meantime, Glover jokes that on her second day she got around to changing the voicemail on her office phone, and she also has good things to say about her predecessor.

“Don [Johnson] left the place in really great shape,” she said, explaining how all the files, invoices and other resources were well organized and accessible.

“He really set me up for success.”