I was honored to first be nominated and then receive the Milton Community Champion Service Award at National Night Out earlier this month. It’s a pleasure to serve the community in ways that I feel are important, contributing the strengths I bring to the table. The efforts of every volunteer are felt by others, and they contribute to a collective sense of pride in our town. The rewards can be contagious, and I highly recommend that everyone volunteer in some small way using their tools and talents – we all have something to give, and we all benefit. The volunteers and staff I work alongside across several organizations – the Milton Historical Society; General Stannard House Committee; Milton Artists’ Guild; town staff, government and commissions; Pack 43; Milton Craft Committee and more – are a huge inspiration to me. The amazing work, range of talent and each unique voice of these wonderful people is so valuable and necessary to making Milton the great place it is, and in helping us to move forward in a positive direction while honoring where we have been. I share this award with everyone I work with, and I look forward to what we can all continue to accomplish together.

Bill Kaigle