Facilities director Bruce Cheeseman said Cameron offered similarly invaluable assistance this summer.

“His energy level and can-do attitude was really amazing,” Cheeseman said. “[Cam] jumped right into the work here and earned the respect of his fellow workers. Needless to say, he has a job waiting for him here next summer.”

Cameron Goodrich
Grade 12
Age 17

Q:  How do you serve the community?

A: I take pride in our school and its appearance. This year, the MTSD facilities crew and I have taken on many projects, from replacing the sod on Phil Hughes Memorial Field to mantaining the practice fields for fall sports by keeping up with the mowing and painting lines. Every morning for two hous I donate my time to help groundskeeper Justin Bergeron with his daily task. I chose these projects because I love our athletic programs and I believe we deserve the best experience in school athletics.

Q: Why are these important projects, and what will result from your efforts?

A: As many may know, the stadium field was in dire need of maintenance. At the end of the last season, fall soccer playoffs could not occur there because of the field’s condition. The field is now in the best condition it’s ever been. Taking on this project will hopefully lead our teams to winning records and championships.

Q: What have you learned about your community from doing these projects, and how have they made you a better student?

A: I have learned our community works hard to benefit each other and support the students at Milton’s schools. I have adapted to value hard work inside and outside of the classroom to make my school a better place.