Milton School District superintendent Ann Bradshaw is on medical leave that might extend to the end of her tenure, school board chairman Mike Joseph confirmed Tuesday.

Separately, incoming athletic director Andrew Flaherty has resigned before he even started in Milton, Joseph said.

Joseph learned Bradshaw was taking leave through the Family and Medical Leave Act on Monday, May 21 via human resources director Terry Mazza, he said. He subsequently informed his fellow board members.

Joseph said the leave is medical, not administrative, and was taken voluntarily.

“We would love to have her at the school and hope she gets better and can return before her last day,” he said.

Bradshaw was set to depart June 30 after serving as Milton’s school chief since October 2015. Joseph said her leave was set to end June 22 but could be extended per her doctor’s orders.

Bradshaw is being paid her regular salary and is doing some work remotely, Joseph said.

“There’s been issues she’s had to address that either have come up either at the board or [with] the administrative staff of the school,” he said, adding Bradshaw has both worked from home and has come in to sign paperwork if needed.

Mazza is working as the liaison between Bradshaw and the district, Joseph said. He added he hasn’t heard of any hiccups since Bradshaw was on leave.

Joseph said he learned about Flaherty’s situation last week when Flaherty emailed Bradshaw saying he had to resign for “personal reasons.” He didn’t give any other details, Joseph said.

The school board will address the matter at its next regular meeting, June 25. In the meantime, staff are working on a plan to fill the unexpected vacancy before the start of next school year, Joseph said.

He thought the district might contact the runner-up for the position, a man from the Boston area, to see if he’s still interested. If not, the district might ask interim AD Trevor Wagar to extend his stay, but Joseph recognized Wagar wants to return to teaching physical education and to coaching.

Plan C will be starting from scratch, and Mazza planned to post the position shortly just in case, Joseph said.

Flaherty was a former Oxbow Union teacher and coach who last worked in Sheldon, Iowa. He was chosen from a “sizeable, healthy list,” Joseph told the Milton Independent in April.

This would have been Flaherty’s first athletic director position in a public school. He told the Indy he looked forward to meeting the community.

And though he hadn’t started working yet, Flaherty had already discussed some proposed changes to athletics with Wagar, including the possibility of adopting two of the Milton Broncos tackle teams and starting a varsity Ultimate program.

Wagar told the school board Flaherty agreed with the plans, which the trustees will also discuss this coming Monday.

“It’s not ideal. We’ll work through it,” Joseph said. “Being that it’s the summer season and athletics, sports are not in full gear … the best possible time to be looking for somebody is now, given the situation.”

Meanwhile, incoming superintendent Amy Rex is set to start July 1.