As I notice all the construction and growth in Milton, I was wondering why none of it includes any bike paths? In the last couple years as I’ve biked around Milton, I have seen that there has been a lot of road work and this year, they’re doing sewer work. This has made biking extra hazardous, and this makes me wonder if Milton will ever have safe bike routes or recreational paths. The town did a survey, and it discovered that recreation paths were a high priority among Milton residents. In 2007, Milton formed a committee to identify possible routes around town. When my sister was in high school she served on the Rec. Path Committee. She’s out of college now. I’m speculating why we still don’t have any sign of a bike path.

My cousin was recently struck by a car in another community. My uncle was also struck by a car while riding and now is permanently disabled due to his injuries. This makes me concerned about the safety of riders in our community.  I live off of Lake Road; if I want to meet my friends in town, I must go along the causeway on Route 7. This is a busy and dangerous road. If I want to avoid this, I must walk my bike through the woods. My sister told me a safe route out of our neighborhood has been identified. Since many people were in favor of rec. paths and it seems like a safety concern, I’m questioning how much longer before we actually see a bike path. Can anyone explain to me what the issues are that are delaying this?

Jake Harding