Milton Tree Warden Chris Dulmer has completed his second round in the Biggest Tree contest, this time awarding the honor to a sugar maple.

Long time resident Melvin Gordon, who lives on Hardscrable Road, owns the tree that took the prize, said Dulmer.

“The tree has enjoyed a long life, likely pushing 150 plus years, nestled on the front yard of Melvin’s home atop a small hill,” wrote Dulmer in an email.

Dulmer said the old tree still looks healthy and should continue its rein for many years to come.  

“The tree’s girth is what makes it special at a whopping 16-feet-seven-inches circumference, or just over five feet three inches in diameter,” he said.   

To determine the biggest tree, Dulmer measures the total circumference in inches, calculates the total height in feet, gauges the crown spread, or the mass of foliage reaching out from the trunk, which matches the root system under ground, and then he divides that number by four. Gordon’s maple’s official score is 303 points. That’s a height of 83 feet and a crown spread 84 feet.

Dulmer said only sugar maples were offered ascontenders, so for future rounds he hopes to include other maple species.

“A much rarer maple champion stands on Marcoux Road in West Milton,” he said.  “Hidden in plain site stands a beautiful black maple tree just off the front corner of David Bartlett’s home.”

Dulmer said the black maple has stood for likely over a hundred years, disguised as a sugar maple.

“But its hairy leaves are its tell.,” he said. Sugar maples have smooth leaves.

Dulmer added that most folks are surprised to learn Vermont has a small population of black maple in Chittenden and Franklin counties.

Bartlett’s black maple contender is 36″ diameter, earning 201 points, falling just short of the state record of 211 points. 

To enter the contest, text a photo close up of a tape measure wrapped around the trunk of the Maple tree showing the total circumference as well as the location, to 315-559-7360.