Alexis Savoy
Grade 9
Age 13

MTSD IT technician Robert Whitcomb said Alexis helped unbox, inventory and manage 300 ChromeBooks the week before school started – all within two days.

“She would take charge of whatever task I assigned her, and, with a little instruction, was able to run with the task,” Whitcomb said.

Q: How do you serve the community?

A: Over the summer, I joined Rob Whitcomb to help prepare the technology for the 2017-2018 school year. I chose this because through my middle school years, Rob did a lot of work to help all the students and staff with computerissues, and I wanted to thank him for that.

Q: Why are these important projects, and what will result?

A: This was an important project because it will make it a lot easier for students and staff to get through the school year without tech issues.

Q: What have you learned about your community from doing these projects, and how have they made you a better student?

A: I learned a lot of responsibility, and I learned to appreciate the amount of work the staff does to help students.