Milton police arrested three people after an investigation into cocaine distribution in town, a press release Tuesday said.

Police cited Kejon Burks, 40, of Colchester for selling cocaine; Leon Parker, 50, of Milton for two counts of selling cocaine; and Catherine Limoge, 50, of Milton for accessory to selling cocaine, police said.

Officers made the arrests with the help of confidential informants, an affidavit for Burks’ arrest shows, including a controlled drug buy at Parker’s residence at the Red Top Apartments on Milton’s Route 7.

Police say Parker has three felony and misdemeanor convictions each but no previous illicit drug charges.

Officers tracked down Burks, who they say is the cocaine supplier, using motor vehicle records. Police arrested him in the Milton Hannaford parking lot on March 9 after noticing his car registration sticker was missing, the affidavit says. They also found marijuana in his vehicle and said he was driving with a criminally suspended license.

Burks had a previous cocaine possession charge last September that was ultimately dismissed, court documents show. He has multiple prior convictions for possession and sale of a controlled substance in New York, the affidavit says.

Burks pleaded not guilty to the charge in Chittenden County Superior Court – Criminal Division on March 12. Parker and Limoge are due in court on March 15, the news release said.

If convicted, each charge carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison and/or a fine of not more than $100,000, police said.