TIF vote passes

A ballot asking Milton residents to approve $3.1 million in tax increment financing-funded projects easily passed at the polls 681 to 163 for Tuesday’s special ballot. The measure saw a 10 percent turnout: Of Milton’s 8,289 registered voters, 845 cast …  Read more

TIF vote set for November 14

On November 14, Milton residents have an opportunity to chart the town’s economic development potential, increase safety and improve aesthetics in the town core. At least that’s how town manager Don Turner sees the upcoming Nov. 14 special ballot. The …  Read more

Budget passes

Milton voters accepted a new fiscal year 2016 school budget at a revote on Tuesday. The $25.7 million proposal passed 662-606, unofficial results showed. The budget is a 4.74 percent increase in education spending, up 7.01 percent overall, from fiscal …  Read more

Third time’s a charm for Georgia

Georgia’s fiscal year 2015 school budget passed by 221 votes in its third try on Tuesday, June 3. More residents cast their ballots for Tuesday’s budget than for either of the two previous proposals: About 26 percent of the town’s …  Read more

Voters nix MTSD budget

Disappointed doesn’t wholly describe the look on Milton Superintendent John Barone’s face when the defeating Town Meeting totals were read aloud Tuesday night. The $26.2 million Milton school budget, a 6.69 percent increase from fiscal year 2014, failed, 772 to …  Read more

Down by 15

Just 15 votes swung ballot totals out of Milton High School’s favor on Tuesday, when voters shot down a $5.9 million measure to renovate the cafeteria and locker rooms. Of 675 voters, 330 said yes, and 345 said no. The …  Read more

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