Sen. Bernie Sanders drew a crowd of thousands at a Super Tuesday rally on March 1 at the Champlain Valley Expo. (Photo by Oliver Parini)


Thousands of Vermonters felt the bern on Tuesday night, packing into the Champlain Valley Expo in Essex Jct. to welcome their senator home with cheers and chants. Bernie Sanders’ huge margin of victory over Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton in the …  Read more


Reps reflect on session

Another biennium at the Vermont legislature has come and gone, adjourning Saturday evening, May 11. We invited Milton and Georgia representatives to the House to reflect on this year’s session by asking the following questions: What bill are you most …  Read more

From L to R: Gov. Peter Shumlin, Sec. of Education Rebecca Holcombe and Sec. of Administration Jeb Spaulding discuss Lake Champlain, education, economic development and opiate abuse on Wednesday, May 14. The governor said much on his legislative platform was accomplished this session. (St. Albans Messenger photo)

A sit-down with Shumlin

ST. ALBANS — Gov. Peter Shumlin continued to tout the work of the Vermont Legislature this biennium in an interview with The St. Albans Messenger last Wednesday. The governor spoke about education, Lake Champlain, health care and reducing prison costs …  Read more

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