Town reports windstorm damage

Towns have been reporting incurred costs to the Chittenden Regional Planning Commission following the windstorm late last month, and state and federal teams have been moving from county to county to assess damage. This joint preliminary damage assessment conducted by …  Read more

TIF vote passes

A ballot asking Milton residents to approve $3.1 million in tax increment financing-funded projects easily passed at the polls 681 to 163 for Tuesday’s special ballot. The measure saw a 10 percent turnout: Of Milton’s 8,289 registered voters, 845 cast …  Read more

A poet’s journey

Matti Salminen draws creativity from madness Matti Salminen could easily fulfill the trope of tortured artist. Diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2007 after an attempted suicide, Salminen had spent 10 years thinking a rat inhabited his skull. He’s spent time in and …  Read more

‘Who we are’

Milton granted ‘promise community’ status Who is Milton? For the past year, representatives around town studied this exact question, exploring what Milton needs to become the community it desires. Soon, Milton Family Community Center will disperse $150,000 to area organizations …  Read more

Schools identify space issues

Milton Elementary and Middle School is cramped for space, superintendent Ann Bradshaw said, and the district is searching for solutions. At the Herrick Ave. school, some small rooms house desks for six special education teachers and their students. Storage closets …  Read more

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