Fireworks business looks to open in town

Milton’s Development Review Board reviewed an application last Thursday that, if approved, would allow a business to sell consumer fireworks during the summer months. The conditional use approval request, submitted by Matthew Lavigne and William Kirk, asked the board to …  Read more

Creating cohesion

Being a citizen planner isn’t easy. You have to wade through dense regulations – or write them – and make decisions you hope will make your community a better place. But what if the authors and enforcers of those rules …  Read more

Stannard House to stand alone

The committee fighting to save a post-Civil War landmark was expecting more of a battle at last Thursday’s development review meeting but instead found an easy, small victory. The DRB unanimously approved a subdivision sketch plan to separate the Stannard …  Read more

Subdividing for Stannard

The gung-ho group that’s aiming to save a Civil War general’s home on Route 7 in Milton may have found another front to defend. The General Stannard House Committee is working up plans to subdivide the old farmhouse from its …  Read more

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