FWSU Act 46 committee narrows focus

The committee charged with exploring unification of Franklin West Supervisory Union schools under Act 46 narrowed its focus to two options for the summer. The group of 10 school board members and residents of Georgia, Fairfax and Fletcher will split …  Read more

Act 46 committee ranks options

A side-by-side merger consisting of Fairfax and Fletcher on one side and Georgia on the other was deemed the most favorable arrangement for Franklin West Supervisory Union schools in an informal poll by its Act 46 unification study committee last week. …  Read more

Merger study committee begins work

Franklin West Supervisory Union operates under one mission statement: “A belief in what’s possible.” That couldn’t be more fitting, two consultants said, as a 10-person committee from FWSU’s three member schools began work last week to determine what shape education …  Read more

Star search

Are you a good judge of character? Well connected? Have a little free time? You might be the perfect candidate for Milton’s newest committee, tasked with finding community champions for a new awards ceremony. The town seeks three individuals to …  Read more

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