This feature highlights two students, grades K-12, who demonstrate a commitment to their community through volunteerism and being overall good citizens. Milton High School continues to recognize Students of the Month, whose names are listed below.

Milton Community Youth Coalition’s Sophie Duncan nominated Shyanna for her dedication in mentoring with the Buddy Program. Her mentee, Lily, looks up to her as a role model, and the two enjoy reading, drawing and chatting together every week, Duncan said. “Shyanna is quietly confident in her role as mentor and has been a valued addition to our program and this community,” Duncan wrote. “We will all miss her when she graduates this spring!”

Note: Responses are edited for length, grammar and style.

Shyanna Abell
Grade 12
Age 18

Q: How do you serve the community?

A: For almost two years now I have been an active member of Milton Rescue as a cadet. I was able to apply at age 16, but my desire to join began when I was just a child. Unlike most, I wasn’t born in a hospital. I was born in an ambulance and delivered by a member of Milton Rescue at the time. I am also secretary of the Interact Club at my school and a member of the National Honor Society.

Q: Why are these important projects, and what will result?

A: Being on Milton Rescue is so important because I am able to give back to my community and the service that did so much for me 18 years ago. While I am helping to serve the community, I am also learning a lot. What I experience and gain from my time at this rescue station will carry on with me as I pursue a career in nursing and continue to impact the lives of people around me.

Q: What have you learned about your community from doing these projects, and how have they made you a better student?

A: I have learned there are so many people in this community who are so grateful and will always be willing to help and give back. Although the circumstances are not the best when Milton Rescue is called, the people on the other end still manage to warm my heart with their kindness. Being on Milton Rescue comes with a lot of responsibility, and it has taught me many valuable skills that I am able to use every day.