Nominated by 10th Grade Team Cobble Hill
Isabella Anemikos – The team would like to recognize Izzy for her compassion, diligence, and outstanding character. She is focused on her academic goals and always wants to do her best. She is also kind to her classmates and willing to help in any way.

Aina Alcubierre – Aina is a student who takes her education very seriously. She asks great questions, calls the teacher over for help to clarify what is meant by certain terms. She is always willing to go above and beyond. She has shown determination as well as a great work ethic.

Nominated by Carrie Adii – Algebra
Erin Tinker – I am so impressed with Erin’s dedication and work ethic. Erin was nervous because it has been 3 years since she took Algebra 1 and now as a senior she wasn’t sure she would be able to remember everything needed for Algebra @. She comes to work with me before school, after school or whatever it takes. She is working very hard and it is paying off. Keep up the good work Erin!

Nominated by Sara Meigs & Kris Schoembs & Selena Cook
Eve Colburn – Eve is a positive force in our 6th period Geometry class. She consistently and diligently completes her work. She is focused on doing well in class and makes decisions with that in mind. We appreciate her positive attitude and work ethic in our class. It just wouldn’t be the same without her.

Tatum Shappy – Tatum is a model student. She comes to class prepared with her assignments done from the day before. She always contributes to class discussion in a positive way. She even helps move other students forward by offering assistance and motivation. She is a dream to have in class and we appreciate the hard work she has put in.

Gage Hibbard – Gage is a motivated student who has been working very hard this quarter. He is productive during class, participates in discussion and seeks help when he needs it. We appreciate having Gage in class as he adds to our community by bringing laughter and positivity. Keep up the good work!

Gwen Jumper – Gwen is always on task and prepared for class. She works hard to complete her work to the highest level. She is not satisfied with anything less than her best and she strives to achieve that every day. We appreciate her dedication and hard work and know that she is looked up to by her peers.

Ryan Dowling – Ryan has worked very hard so far this quarter both inside and outside of class. Ryan has definitely put in extra work as needed to be able to understand the material he is learning. He does not hesitate to ask questions when he has them and serves as a role model for his peers.

Autumn Ploof – Autumn is always working diligently on her work and never allows herself to fall behind. She asks great questions and even helps her peers with their work if she feels comfortable with the material (which is often). She is a positive role model to her peers and we appreciate having her in class.

 Nominated by Courtney Reckord – Art
Kiersten Langdeau – Kiersten is an absolute star in my Full STEAM ahead class. She is always willing to volunteer to go first, to choose the difficult task, or to take the lead in a project. She is a natural leader and is a wonderfully positive role model in the classroom.

Nominated by Gina O’Connor and Dusty Kemp
Taylor Anderson – Taylor comes to class every day ready to learn and possesses a deep sense of determination and motivation. Her work ethic is fantastic, and she always stays on top of her assignments.

Nominated by Drew Gordon
Serena Fay – Serena has been the ideal psychology student. She is an extraordinary thinker, engages with the material, questions everything and applies the concepts to her everyday life.

Nominated by Kristy Corrow and Sylvie Shanks
Josh Adams – Josh has been striving to do his best in class and is a class leader.

Cody Blaisdell – Cody has been striving to do his best in class and is a class leader.

Jake McNeil – Jake has been striving to do his best in class and is a class leader.

Serena Fay – Serena has been striving to do her best in class and is a class leader.

Caitlyn Lamotte – Caitlyn has been striving to do her best in class and is a class leader.

 Nominated by 9th Grade Champlain Team
Molly Loucy – Molly is an outstanding student who attends Milton High School on top of fulfilling her dream in Lake Placid as a luge athlete. She is able to effortlessly balance both and excel.

Renee Ellis – Renee is a very hard worker and comes to every class prepared and ready for the next task. I can always count on Renee to be a role model for others in the classroom

Faith Pecor – Faith has a great attitude and work ethic. She is also very kind to her classmates. She eagerly contributes to class discussions and volunteers to read out loud in class. She encourages others to share ideas. She is always positive and has a smile on her face.

Kaziah Vaughn – Kz encompasses qualities of a leader in the classroom. Her positive behavior, outlook and willingness to help others are infectious. Kz completes work effortlessly and goes above and beyond classroom expectations.

 Nominated by 10th Grade Team Eagle Mountain
Alex Hannah – Alex is a polite respectful student and it is a pleasure to have him in class. He has been very successful this year in all his classes. He is willing to put forth the effort to be successful. He demonstrates curiosity and is thoughtful about his learning.

Aimee Lemieux – This exceptional student is a wonder in the classroom and loves learning. She makes powerful classroom contributions and is a hardworking and dependable individual.

Jayden Hardy – Jayden has been a huge asset to the classroom and always comes to class with a smile. She stays positive with everything she does and helps out others when I need.

Nominated by 9th Grade Team Arrowhead
Alexis Drown – Alexis is being recognized for persisting in solving challenging problems and learning from failure. Her team of peers nominated and voted for her.

Emily Lamphere – Emily is being recognized for persisting in solving challenging problems and learning from failure. Her team of peers nominated and voted for her.

Nominated by Matt Rector – Guidance
Rebecca Corcoran – Rebecca earned her CPR certification and first aid certification so she can work at a summer camp. She is learning the ins and outs of the classroom!

Nominated by Tim Lynch & Lydia Mays
Morgan Ambrose, William Devers, Kaylee Robie, Raymond Zheng, Eliza Scherzinger, Meghan Fondakowski, Zachary Hayes, Kaylee Shaw – These geometry students excel in their work and collaborate with others in their class. They find success through hard work and persistence.

Shea Marie LeClair, Emily Pallas – These two AP Calculus students are the best examples of hard-workers and critical thinkers. They collaborate and engage positively with peers in class.

Nominated by Rick Scharf – Chemistry
Marissa Brill – Marissa shows the enjoyment and academic courage needed to be successful in chemistry.

Kali Bellirose – Kali is a deep thinker and is a quiet leader within our class. She has strong work habits and deep understanding.