Nominated by Sara Meigs & Kris Schoembs & Selena Cook

Olivia King – Olivia has had an amazing semester in Geometry so far.  She is a highly motivated student and while she isn’t always completely comfortable with the material, that never stops her from trying her best and participating in class to her fullest ability.  She has been such an integral part of our in-class discussions and I wanted to recognize her for her efforts.  Keep up the good work Olivia!

Bailey Reilly – Bailey has really stepped it up in Geometry as a peer role model.  Bailey is constantly engaged and helpful.  She models for her peers what it means to be an academic, even if she isn’t completely comfortable with the material.  Bailey is a leader in the sophomore class and we wanted to recognize her for that.  Keep up the good work Bailey!

Quinten Puskar – Quinten has been such an amazing role model for his peers all semester.  He is ALWAYS engaged in the material during class, asks great questions and gets his work done on time and to a very high degree of quality.  We wanted to recognize Quinten for his hard work this semester.  We really appreciate you Quinten!

Dustin Jenkins – Dustin has had an amazing start to quarter 4.  He is not missing a single assignment for Geometry, which is a huge improvement even over last quarter.  It is clear Dustin is putting in the work necessary to find success and we wanted to recognize him for that.  Keep it up Dustin!

Reeve Dashnow – Reeve has had an amazing start to quarter 4.  We wanted to recognize him for the hard work he has put in this school year in improving his academics.  He is a drastically different student today than he was when he began his 10th grade year.  Keep up the good work Reeve!

Nominated by Courtney Reckord – Art

Skyler Austin – Skyler took on a leadership role in our dog brace project.  He worked hard on the project, presented eloquently and was generally a positive role model for his peers

Nominated by Amanda DeCarlo – Art

Alexandra Susco, Hailey Lemieux, Faith Carroll, Sierra Boutin – All four girls have given a lot of time and work to our drama program.  They are super helpful, kind to others, and without them our play wouldn’t have been nearly as amazing as it was.

Nominated by Kristy Corrow and Sylvie Shanks

Trent Cross – Trent is a very diligent student, and he puts a lot of effort into understanding and completing coursework.  We appreciate his positive and energetic presence in class.

Mikayla Combs-Wilber – Mikayla has been doing very well in her VTC Technical Math course.  She shows up to class with a willingness to learn, and she demonstrates an admirable work ethic.

Cameron Goodrich, Cam is dedicated to his learning and is a positive member of our classroom community.  He contributes regularly to classroom discussions and is an energetic presence in class.

Faith Carroll – Faith is a hard worker, and she adds to the classroom environment by asking insightful questions and showing up every day with a desire to learn.

Nominated by Rick Scharf – Chemistry

Rebecca Gratton – Rebecca thinks deeply about chemistry content.  She gives a great effort every day and is always open to furthering her understanding.

Matthew Goodman – Matthew is diligent about chemistry work.  He shows solid understanding and boosts our class understanding through sharing what he has learned.

Nominated by 10th Grade Team Cobble Hill

Maddie Clark – Maddie has been a quiet and dependable force in the classroom all year, but she has truly started to come into her own during this quarter.  She has always produced excellent and insightful work, and now she is becoming a consistent vocal contributor and leader in class as well.  We are looking forward to her continued emergence as a student and leader.

Cassidy Button – Cassidy has demonstrated excellent academic and leadership traits this year.  These traits were recently highlighted by her work on her National History Day project.  We are very excited to work with her for the rest of the year, and even more excited to watch her continued success next year, and beyond!

Lauryn Holsopple – Lauryn is not only a fantastically motivated student, but she is also a delightful human being full of enthusiasm, curiosity, and grace.  We absolutely adore her.

Matthew Goodman – Matthew Goodman’s contribution to our classrooms – and our world – cannot be overstated.  He is funny.  He is thoughtful.  He is an individual worthy of the highest respect.  We think he is great.


Nominated by Lynn Fosher – Forensics

Donna Davis – Donna was such a pleasure to have in class.  She was always willing to help others and consistently challenged herself throughout the course.  I always looked forward to her smile, positive attitude and respectful way she treated her peers and others around.

John Larose – I had the pleasure of having John in both Human Anatomy and Forensics.  He is a very respectful individual who works hard and is focused not only in his studies but on future goals.  His calm personality, willingness to help others, and his perseverance are all attributes that are greatly appreciated.

Nominated by Lindsey Reynolds & Selena Cook – AP English

Ella Simko – Ella is kind to her classmates.  She supports other students whenever they need help.  She is a great student who is independent and receptive to feedback.

Trent Cross – Trent is a great person and stu8dent.  He constantly asks questions and puts great effort into his work.  He makes the entire class laugh and is always kind to others.

Brianna Morgan – Brianna is such a positive person, she always comes into class ready to put forth effort.  She offers up thought-provoking ideas and engages with the topics during class discussions.

Jackson Noel – Jackson always does the assigned tasks with great effort.  His humor and laughter add positivity to the class, making other students in the class laugh.

Kyle Palmer – Kyle is a pro at summarizing the readings in his own words, which helps other students make better sense of the content he always shares insightful comments in class discussions.

Madison Chalmers – Maddie is always the first to participate, and brings positivity to the class.  She motivates other students and always makes the class laugh by somehow making relevant connections to spongebob.

Nominated by Danielle Hubbard – Math

Alexis Cain, Katie Desranleau, Luca Schnell, Corinne Stocker – These four students have shined throughout the first half of pre-calculus.  They are hardworking, consistent, and ask great questions that drive our mathematical conversations.  Alexis, Katie, Luca and Corinne are a joy to have in class.

Nominated by 9th Grade Champlain Team

Jennie Morisseau – Jennie has made significant gains academically.  Jennie actively seeks out help from teachers; she also participates often in class and brings to class a fun, energetic personality.

Molly Loucy – Molly is a very bright young lady.  She exemplifies leadership in the classroom and helps out her peers.  Her maturity and work ethic is astounding.

Abbigail Delong – Abbi works hard in class and always comes to class with a positive attitude.  She always puts forth her best effort and is willing to attempt new skills without hesitation.

Olivia King – Olivia is kind to her peers and teachers.  Her positivity, gentle heart and work ethic are just some of her amazing attributes.  Olivia has participated more in class recently.  She is an excellent oral reader and doesn’t mind speaking in front of the class.

Nominated by 10th Grade Team Eagle Mountain

Christina Peters – Chrissy is a consistently strong student in all her classes.  The quality of her work is excellent and she takes pride in her work.  She has high expectations for herself and this has allowed her to have an outstanding year.

John Waligory – John’s growth mindset throughout the year has set him apart (in a league of his own?) from his peers.  His inquisitive mindset helps others reach new heights and brings the whole class to a higher level of learning.

Nominated by Gary Furlong & Deb Rabideau

Elizabeth Trudo – It has been great for us to have Lizzie in US History class this semester.  Her work is always carefully done.  We love the variety of opinions a history class may generate and Lizzy is always willing to engage in discussion.  Her participation helps make the class a better learning environment for everyone.

Josh Carner – Josh is a great student in our US History class.  He regularly contributes to class discussions about history and current events.  He shows respect for the learning environment and his fellow students.  His work is always carefully done and he takes pride in completing work in a timely manner.

Nominated by 9th Grade Team Arrowhead

Lena Simko – Lena was voted by her peers as a student who fits the criteria of being innovative and collaborative.  Her classmates described her as one who is patient with others, willing to work with anyone, and listens carefully to her peers.  Lena is highly considerate and takes great interest in her education.  Her 9th grade team of teachers and students are very proud of her.

Levi Yoder – Levi was voted by his peers as a student who fits the criteria of being innovative and collaborative.  Is classmates described him as one who is patient with others, willing to work with anyone, and listens carefully to his peers.  Levi has great dreams for his future, and he has made the decision to begin the process of achieving them now.  His 9th grade team of teachers and students are very proud of him.

Nominated by Pete Wyndorf – YJTV

Jackson has become the heart and soul of Yellow Jacket Television.  He is constantly seeking ways to make our show as good as it can be, while pushing others to bring out their best work.

Nominated by Tim Lynch & Lydia Mays – Math

Kathryn Schmidt – Kathryn always comes into class with a positive attitude.  She works hard and helps her peers when needed.

Ashley Armell – Ashley comes into class ready to work every day.  She has a positive attitude and is a great role model for the other students.