Mary Ferrari

Mary Catherine Ferrari passed away peacefully surrounded by her loving family on Sunday, March 12, 2017.

She is survived by her husband, David, of 43 years and daughters Amy Smith, Gina Ferrari Masse and Melissa Wickerd; her grandchildren, Skyler her “McGillicuddy,” Evon “Littles” her “Peepers,” Abigail her “Abby Rose,” Dylan, Brennon “Mr. B,” Bryanna, Lunden, Lauren, Autumn and by her great-grandchildren.

Mary was born in Washington, D.C. to Darrell and Catherine Lundberg. Darrell and Catherine, along with Mary’s siblings David and Barbara, eventually relocated to San Diego, where she enjoyed a wonderful childhood growing up in Pacific Beach. Mary met her husband, David, on a blind date, and they were married five months later. They would remain committed to each other until her passing. Mary was very artistic, she loved music, cooking and baking. Her greatest sense of pride came from her family, to whom she was devoted. Mary had an unwavering sense of tradition and family values that her kids grew up with and those traditions will continue to live on.

Please let me tell you about my Mom.

My Mom was the Mom that gave us her all when we were growing up. A Mom that you knew without question the love she had for us. The traditions the memories we have are all from the love and energy she gave. Now let’s be real. I know my Mom wasn’t always perfect, but she was my balance. She was the Mom that raised me to want to be the Mom that I am. That sings and tickles my babies at night to sleep, to who surprises you with lunch at school on your birthday, to every holiday and the traditions that went along with them. My kids know those because of my Mommy. I know them because they live in my heart. My Mom was an artist and in both ways she also painted our life and gave it so many colors. To the beauty of Idyllwild with strawberry Creek the planning of each Thanksgiving a tradition a favorite of times we spent together, doing art or making candy, to candles, to decorating T-shirts or the tablecloth. “But no TV!” Filled with laughter “Private Benjamin” that went along with those five wonderful days in the mountains. The canvas of my birthday cake, waking up with such anticipation of the cake she decorated waiting on the table for my viewing. My Mom’s heart was so big, and she was so sweet and kind to so many always trying to do whatever she could if in a troubled time to make it a little easier. But yes my Mom was not perfect, I know that and for that, I know when I have my moments or with having my own quirks, I am human. Because even with all that, they make up the memories I have that are my Mom. I love her and love my childhood memories. Grandma and Grandpa’s pool, to Palm Springs with being able to bring a friend, to school shopping at the end of summer. Having mini staycations, to Las Vegas and turning down Hawaii, yes fools. To singing in the car and dancing in the house. Speaking of dancing … weddings … watching my Mom and Dad on the dance floor. I loved the fun you saw when you watched them move. I will miss my Mom so much, but the memories that my Mom left me with will be, as my Mom would tell us, “close your eyes and feel my arms wrapped around you.” Those memories are now your arms holding us close. We love you, Mommy. – Gina