Ella Marsh, Essence Calderon-Melendez & Amelio DeCicco
Grade 4

These students have been working on a service learning project since this past fall. They chose to make improvements on the school grounds – in their words, to “pretty it up” – with a focus on our courtyard. They worked closely with Brooke Gannon to continue the harvesting and planting cycles in the garden as well as a courtyard clean-up effort which resulted in scarecrows watching over the gardens this fall. Most recently, their class joined Sally Van Dreser Cheney’s kindergarten class to start seeds for this year’s crop. They also helped apply for a grant through Horsford’s Garden and Nursery for a tree in recognition of Arbor Day. They researched possible trees that would work in our area, then presented possible locations to the superintendent and facilities director. Their application was submitted and accepted! Thanks to their efforts, a new willow tree will be planted on school grounds for all to enjoy for years to come.

Nominated by Erica Goodrich