Kira McDonald

Kira is constantly working to learn more in all content areas and is persistent and always willing to advocate for herself, teachers said. She strives for academic excellence and is also involved in sports outside of school. Q: What does …  Read more

Ty Haessig

Teachers said Ty works hard in class and always strives to do his best. He accepts new challenges with enthusiasm and engagement, frequently volunteers in extra-curriculars to enhance school culture and is involved with Boy Scouts. Q: What does being …  Read more

Alexis Savoy

MTSD IT technician Robert Whitcomb said Alexis helped unbox, inventory and manage 300 ChromeBooks the week before school started – all within two days. “She would take charge of whatever task I assigned her, and, with a little instruction, was …  Read more

Cameron Goodrich

Facilities director Bruce Cheeseman said Cameron offered similarly invaluable assistance this summer. “His energy level and can-do attitude was really amazing,” Cheeseman said. “[Cam] jumped right into the work here and earned the respect of his fellow workers. Needless to …  Read more

Dylan Pierce

Dylan Pierce Grade 4 Nominated by Mrs. Cummings and Mrs. Goodrich Dylan has demonstrated that he can stick with a task and persevere even when things get challenging. He displays amazing accountability, and that will take him far in his …  Read more

Kelsey Heath & Tessa Smith

Kelsey Heath & Tessa Smith Grade 2 Nominated by Ms. Reyell and Mrs. Schmid Kelsey (left) and Tessa are active participants in all we do. They add thoughtful insight to our class discussions around citizenship, math and reading. They also …  Read more

Kenny Flood

With Kenny Flood by your side, life is a whole lot brighter. Kenny Flood is a true friend who chooses to step up every day. Just the other day, a friend fell on the playground. Kenny quickly stopped his play …  Read more

MHS Students Stepping Up

This week, we feature a group of MHS students: Cassidy Button, Erica Branco, Colby Mason, Deven Creamer and Ian Jennings. These five students have played a vital role in our Unified Sports basketball program, which is part of Special Olympics …  Read more

Dylan Hudson-Dumont

Dylan was nominated for his hard work and perseverance this year. He is a great role model for our school expectations: be an active listener, flexible thinker and persistent learner. Dylan strives to help his classmates and teachers alike. Great …  Read more

Note: Responses were edited for length, grammar and style.

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