Author: Neel Tandan

Moulton, MCYC want Big Tobacco to fail

Tony Moulton speaks of Big Tobacco using battle terms, and he’s ready for a fight. “Advertising companies are Kung-Fu sharp,” said Moulton, executive director of prevention agency Milton Community Youth Coalition, noting tobacco’s long-orchestrated campaign to lure young users. “They are conniving, they are smart, they are savvy and they know that people don’t like to ask questions,” he said. “They count on that.” Moulton has been MCYC’s director for four years and is using a big grant the nonprofit won in July to fight kids’ exposure to tobacco use and advertising in the community.  The Tobacco Community Prevention...

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For the birds: Local photog finds solace in feathered friends

In September 2015, Sharon Radtke was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease. She describes it as “grueling” and said the medication for treatment affected her muscles, requiring her to walk with a cane. “I was feeling depressed,” she said.  “But we live on a pond, so I started taking pictures.” The first winter after being diagnosed, she set a goal of documenting every bird she saw on Round Pond in Milton where she lives. She called the pond a “hidden gem,” full of birds and wildlife. “Whenever things got bad, I went out and took pictures of birds, and...

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MHS reimagines ‘Peter Pan’

Director Paul Curtiss is un-setting the stage for Milton High School’s upcoming performance of “Peter Pan.” “I’ve seen in the past a lot of productions try to bring it all to you,” said Curtiss, separating himself from gaudy stage adaptations and expensive Hollywood remakes, dripping with special effects and post-production dollars. “We’re going tell it a little bit differently,” he said. Peter Pan first appeared in a 1902 story by Scottish playwright and novelist J.M. Barrie. Barrie’s older brother died in an ice-skating accident when he was 13 and was the inspiration for the character Peter Pan, or “the...

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Town reports windstorm damage

Towns have been reporting incurred costs to the Chittenden Regional Planning Commission following the windstorm late last month, and state and federal teams have been moving from county to county to assess damage. This joint preliminary damage assessment conducted by the Federal Emergency Management Agency and state partners will help determine if Vermont qualifies for federal disaster aid. Taylor Yeates, the public safety director with the town of Milton, reported a figure of $41,145 with the RPC. “It includes staff time, equipment and any damages to buildings and to the town,” Yeates said of the report. At one point...

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