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FDA e-cig statement wise and overdue

By EMERSON LYNN There has been a 75 percent increase among high school students in the use of e-cigarettes this year compared to 2017, which this week prompted the Food and Drug Administration to declare it an “epidemic,” something the agency vowed to challenge through retailers and manufacturers. Maybe, just maybe, we’re learning, we’re paying attention to the past. It took decades before there was an official recognition as to the deadliness of traditional cigarettes. Perhaps the agency in charge of the industry’s regulation has figured out that it’s better to intervene early, that its responsibility is to protect...

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Congrats to those who stood up to BHS censorship

By Greg Sukiennik Last Monday, four student journalists at The Register, the Burlington High School student newspaper, broke the news that the Vermont Agency of Education had filed six counts of unprofessional misconduct charges against BHS guidance director Mario Macias. The four student editors — Julia Shannon-Grillo, Halle Newman, Nataleigh Noble and Jenna Peterson — used public records to document the story. The charges include incompetence, falsifying a student transcript, mistreatment of employees, improper release of student information to a third party and improper treatment of a college student, who was working as a substitute teacher. Macias denies any...

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Touch-a-truck event reaches new heights

Attendees at Saturday’s Touch-a-truck event were treated to trucks, a helicopter and more. The gathering of service vehicles and other mighty machines created an opportunity for community members, and kids of all ages, to experience the thrills of sitting in the big rigs. The event was organized by Milton Recreation. Photos by Kyle St. Peter for the Milton...

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Falling leaves

You find one red leaf on the green ground one day. Just one, and you admire the lusty color without thinking much about it. The weather, warm and sunny, doesn’t remind you. A few days later there is a scattering of red and gold leaves but the weather is still summery. Another day, a few more leaves and you remember it’s September. I don’t know why fall is so incredibly surprising to me. So far in my life it has come every single year without fail, but I’m still astonished. I have to remember to bring in the house...

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Milton Police Reports: September 5 – 11, 2018

WRITTEN WARNINGS 56 TICKETS 3 Speeding 1 Inspection sticker not assigned to vehicle 1 Operation on emergency vehicle approach 1 Smoking tobacco in vehicle with child 1 Uninsured driver 1 Unregistered vehicle 1 Using portable electronic device ARRESTS 1 Domestic assault 1 DUI, 2nd and subsequent 1 Excessive speed 1 Unlawful mischief 1 Unlawful trespass 1 Violation of abuse prevention order TOTAL CALLS 215 9/5, 6:29 a.m., Juvenile Problem, Sanderson Rd. Sgt. Scott Philbrook spoke with a parent about issues regarding a foster child. 9/5, 9:53 a.m., Public Assist, Bombardier Rd. Officer Jareco Coulombe spoke with a resident who...

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