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Messages from Montpelier (2/15/2018)

MINORITY LEADER DON TURNER We learned more about the federal tax cuts and the potential impact on Vermonters this week. It is my understanding that the federal tax cuts were intended to allow people to keep more of the money they earned. However, there were some unintended consequences that occurred in Vermont. Vermont’s income tax functions in conjunction with the federal income tax. The changes in the way federal income tax is to be calculated in the future created a situation in Vermont where thousands of Vermonters would end up paying more state income tax and negating any federal...

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Book Bits: Race in America – A preliminary reading list

BY: SUSAN LARSON Milton superintendent Ann Bradshaw and I have been collaborating on plans for an All Milton Reads this summer, based on the topics of inclusion and diversity. In January, we invited the Milton community to an initial planning meeting. Those who attended chose the theme of Race in America, and assembled an initial list of books for teens and adults. On January 30, the Milton Schools Equity Committee and the Milton Inclusion and Diversity Initiative held their first Joint Equity Initiative meeting. After that meeting, Ann and I decided we wanted more time. By postponing All Milton...

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Lorinda Henry: Sweet tooth

As far as I can remember, Gram and Mom served dessert every day at dinner, unless we had pancakes, which was like dessert for supper. There were almost always homemade cookies on hand, and the number of cake variations Mom turned out was noteworthy – several versions of chocolate, vanilla, pineapple upside-down cake or something out of her favorite cookbook or a magazine. She made date-filled cookies, ice cream in the freezer, brownies and once in a while she constructed cream puffs. Gram was the main pie maker, although she almost always prefaced the serving of it with “This...

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Milton Police Reports: Jan. 31 – Feb. 6

WRITTEN WARNINGS 72 TICKETS 6 Speeding 5 Driving with suspended license 4 Uninspected vehicles 3 Uninsured drivers 3 Using portable electronic device 2 Inspection sticker not assigned to vehicle 1 Condition of vehicle 1 Counterfeit plates, stickers, etc. 1 Unregistered vehicle ARRESTS 2 Domestic assault 1 Driving with criminally suspended license 1 Unlawful mischief 1 Violation of release conditions TOTAL CALLS 208 1/31, 7:30 a.m., Public Assist, Lawnwood Dr. Officer Matthew McQueen spoke to a resident who wanted to report his water pipes were disconnected outside his residence. There was no reported damage, and there are no leads at...

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Lorinda Henry: Valentines and old lace

The snow on the trees this morning makes the world all lace. No matter how cold, miserable and long winter is, I still love the transient beauty of fresh snow. All the twigs, grasses, dead weeds turn into a fine interplay of white threads of frost. Once, when I was little, my grandmother gave me a very delicate Valentine she found somewhere in the old house. It was small – maybe a little bigger than a playing card from a standard deck– and totally unlike the funny and mostly bright red Valentines we exchanged in school. It had layers...

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