Author: Courtney Lamdin

Study aims to chart Route 7’s future

A study in its beginning stages will attempt to give Milton a recognizable identity by fortifying its main passage through town, U.S. Route 7. Consultants from the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission attended a selectboard meeting Monday night to summarize its study of a three-mile stretch of Route 7, from Forbes Road to Main Street. “Nothing I say tonight is going to really surprise you. This is an area that has been growing fast. It’s expected to continue to grow fast, but it’s in search of an identity, both visual and generally,” said Joe Barr, team project manager from...

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A wish come true

Zack Roy thought he was going out for a family dinner, but an unusual guest greeted him at the Upper Deck Pub in South Burlington on Wednesday night. It was Champ, the green mascot from the Vermont Lake Monsters. He tossed Zack a football, on which was written a message in metallic marker: “Tom Brady is waiting to meet you on 10/25/2014.” This was Zack’s wish, and it will come true, thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Zack, 12, from Milton, recently completed treatment for childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia, a cancer defined by the bone marrow producing excess lymphocytes, a...

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‘Heartbreak and hope’

More than 200 people squeezed into the Milton High School library Thursday night, taking up all available seats and then some, to hear State’s Attorney TJ Donovan review the ongoing assault case against former football players. Donovan spent most of the 90-minute forum discussing how he arrived at the criminal charges and why he didn’t prosecute administrators for failing to report allegations that five perpetrators held teammates down and forced wooden objects into their rectums, over their clothing. Donovan charged Brandon Beliveau, Ryan Carlson, Colby Darling, Will Jenkins and Brian Lasell with misdemeanor simple assault following the Chittenden Unit...

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A close call

An emergency medical call this month could have ended very differently – and tragically – if it wasn’t for a small, handheld device. An EMT’s carbon monoxide detector, clipped to his red medical supply bag, saved two patients’ lives in Milton this month and likely those of the three first responders who otherwise didn’t know they were inhaling the colorless, odorless, lethal gas. The tones rang out just before 8 a.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 17: A 50-something woman, already afflicted with a rare condition, was having stroke symptoms, her caregiver told dispatch. Milton Officer Jon Cooper and EMTs Rod...

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Sharon King: ‘She joys you up’

Each fall, schools around Vermont recognize their most excellent educators. In Milton and Georgia, colleagues nominate candidates for the University of Vermont Outstanding Teacher award, presented at an annual banquet. Up to 100 teachers are nominated each year in the 45 participating districts. This year, special educator Kati Ringer and guidance counselors Kati Ringer and Melissa Fisher will be recognized at the 34th Annual Outstanding Teacher Day on October 22. Learn more about them in this week’s issue. It’s noon in Sharon King’s classroom, and students are sitting in plushy chairs, playing foosball and listening to hip hop streaming from an...

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