Author: Colin Flanders

Candidate seeks, then drops, DUI probation release

A House candidate in Milton who was convicted of drunken driving last year has withdrawn a request to get off probation early. Todd Buik, 64, argued that remaining on probation would “greatly interfere” with a “positive life opportunity,” court records show, though he didn’t specify what the opportunity was. Buik is running as a Democrat in the Chittenden 10 district against Republicans Chris Mattos and John Palasik. Buik asked for the early release in a letter to the Vermont Superior Court – Criminal Division last month – several weeks before the Aug. 14 primary – but didn’t want to...

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State’s second-largest mobile home park put up for sale

COLCHESTER – A large mobile home park in Colchester has been listed for sale, forcing hundreds of residents to decide whether they want to orchestrate a multi-million-dollar bid on the property. The Betty Boyer Atkins Revocable Living Trust has owned Westbury Park since the death of the trust’s namesake in 2016. Atkins and her husband, Dave, opened the park in 1972. “The people in the trust have been running it, and they’re of senior age,” said the trust’s realtor, Tom Weaver. “They just can’t keep doing it.” The trust alerted residents of its intent to sell the sprawling, 186-acre...

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First, do no harm

Two Vermont licensing boards may soon require doctors and nurses to undergo criminal background checks before they can practice medicine here. The move would strengthen a system that some advocates say allows unfit candidates to skirt detection. The Vermont Board of Nursing and Board of Medical Practice now rely on discipline-tracking databases and self-disclosure, a level of trust placing the two in a shrinking minority. And while they support a tightened process, some hurdles remain. “My concern is always finding out something after the fact,” said Dr. Harvey Reich, a Rutland-based ICU physician and member of the medical board,...

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Vermont State Police investigating Milton shed fire

Vermont State Police say a fire last week started in a covered lean-to and spread to an attached shed at a residence on Arrowhead Avenue. Police arrived to the scene around 12:30 a.m. and found a shed owned by 67-year-old Michael Dubuque was fully engulfed in flames. The shed was later deemed a total loss. Once the Milton Fire Department distinguished the blaze, officials requested an origin investigation from the Department of Public Safety Fire and Explosion Investigation Unit. Members of that unit examined the scene the next morning and determined the fire had started in the attached lean-to....

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Milton man regains stride after life-altering crash

He’s still running through Milton in his neon green jacket that stands out against the grays and browns of a delayed spring. He’s still getting his hands dirty in the yards of his tree care clients. He’s still smiling: A big, hallmark smile that’s defined him for years. Change isn’t always visible, like how the miles don’t come as easy, and the memories are harder to keep and the words are bit more elusive. But some things are different now, and Maxwell Curtiss knows it. … The day of July 19, 2017 had gone like so many others. Curtiss...

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