Author: Colin Flanders & Courtney Lamdin

Police: King embezzled from Broncos

Indy investigation prompts inquiry into youth football program Police cited former Milton Broncos president Matt King for felony embezzlement Tuesday following a criminal investigation prompted by the Milton Independent’s reporting. Milton Detective Nick Hendry said police began looking into the Broncos days after the Independent published a story about the youth football program’s murky finances. He wouldn’t specify how much King allegedly stole from the Broncos but said if convicted, King could face up to 10 years in prison and be fined up to $10,000 – the penalty for embezzling $100 or more. King will be arraigned in September,...

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King resigns as Broncos president

After a tenure riddled with controversy, embattled president Matt King resigned from the Milton Broncos on Monday, hours before the school board agreed to a plan that effectively saves middle school football in town. King resigned on a phone call with Broncos vice-president Rodney Tinker but gave no reason for stepping down. His departure comes amid mounting pressure from parents who have questioned equipment safety and demanded more financial transparency.  Tinker, the new self-appointed president, announced the shakeup Monday night after the school board agreed to run a new 6-8 flag program as a volunteer-led club with no funding....

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Finance concerns halt Broncos decision, again

Representatives from the Milton Broncos youth football team essentially delivered an ultimatum to the school board Monday night: Take over the program, or it dies. The June 25 meeting marked the second time Broncos leadership approached the school board with the ask, and each time, members have tabled action until they receive more financial information. The Broncos see the school district’s adoption of its two middle school-level teams as the only solution to its organizational woes. For the last three years, the team has seen declining enrollment as parents move their kids to other programs with more established leadership....

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Broncos plead case for school takeover

After an hourlong discussion Monday night, the Milton School Board postponed a decision on whether the school district will take ownership of two Milton Broncos youth football teams. Interim athletic director Trevor Wagar made the case, bookending his presentation with a request the board “not ask us why” to support the proposal “but why not.” The Broncos approached the school board after reaching consensus to relinquish the 5/6 and 7/8 teams to the school district. The move would transition the tackle programs to padded flag and would follow Vermont Principals’ Association rules and regulations. The proposal stemmed from parents’...

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Broncos look to dissolve tackle program

The Milton Broncos youth football program will ask the Milton Town School District to adopt its two tackle teams this fall, leaving just the youngest grade flag teams under its purview. Such was the consensus of parents and leadership present at a team meeting last Thursday in the Milton Middle School cafeteria. If approved, the teams would convert from tackle to flag, a trend Broncos vice president Rodney Tinker said is inevitable as more parents worry about kids getting concussions from playing football. “We can set the bar for the rest of the state,” he said. Interim athletic director...

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