Author: Ben Chiappinelli

Out on the lake, fishing keeps Vermonters busy in winter

With temperatures averaging below freezing over the past few weeks, the frigid water of Lake Champlain has been capped by a thick sheet of ice. At Sand Bar State Park, the solid surface has brought out ice fishing enthusiasts, who seem immune to strong winds and arctic temperatures as they sit out in the open on overturned buckets and folding chairs. Some cut their exposure to the elements in pop-up canvas shanties, but there is no shortage of hearty Vermonters basking in the sun as though on a tropical shore. At heart, Randy Niquette of Milton is a bass...

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Keeping spirits bright

Holiday books, games and music chase away winter doldrums With snow finally blanketing Chittenden County, you’ll soon be stuffing your children into layers of clothing to brave snowball fights and sledding hills. However, with no guarantee that the snowfall won’t melt and replace the winter playground outside with a barren tundra, it doesn’t hurt to have some back up activities ready to go. It doesn’t take much research to come across a strong consensus that reading to young children is extremely beneficial, but sometimes finding a book that holds your attention as well as your toddler’s can be difficult....

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