Month: August 2015

Police investigate gunshots

Milton police are investigating numerous bullet holes found on the exterior of a Railroad Street residence, Detective Frank Scalise said Monday afternoon. Residents heard loud bangs early Monday, Aug. 31 but didn’t report the gunshots until just after 9 a.m., initially thinking the noise might have been something else, Scalise said. Police are investigating the incident as a reckless endangerment case, not simply vandalism, Scalise said. Vermont statute defines that crime as when a person puts another in danger of death or serious bodily injury, including by pointing a gun, loaded or not, at a person, the law reads....

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At your own risk

Should recreationists forget the dangers of swimming in potentially contaminated water, new neon signs at Georgia Beach are there to remind them. Town Administrator Mike McCarthy posted “swim at your own risk” notices at the town beach last Friday, cautioning recreationists that blue-green algae can appear rapidly due to changing winds. Water that looks clear in the morning may become teal and soup-like that same afternoon, indicating the presence of toxic cyanobacteria. The stuff has especially plagued nearby St. Albans Bay this summer, and winds tend to push blooms into Georgia Shore. Feared for its health impacts – the...

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Wind turbines: Do property values fall?

SWANTON – Homeowners around Rocky Ridge are reeling from the recent announcement of an industrial wind project that, if approved, will be visible from many homes in Swanton, St. Albans Town and Fairfield. They worry about property values declining from the turbines’ looks, noise and health effects, the latter an unproven side effect from living nearby. Neighbors have seen families abandoned their homes after years of being unable to sell, but developer Swanton Wind says studies show no evidence that wind farms damage home values. Home abandoned When First Wind announced its plans to install a 40 megawatt industrial...

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Welcome 2015’s new teachers: Part II

This is our second installment of interviews with new teachers in Milton and Georgia. Click here for the first installment. Kay Busch Milton Elementary School I am a: 5th grade homeroom and 4th grade math teacher I live in: Westford When I’m not in school, you can find me: Gardening, painting or planning a road trip. I chose this career because: I feel most alive when I’m helping others develop their strengths. I’m most looking forward to: Bringing my students into the community and bringing the community into my classroom. Richard Cruz Milton Middle School I am a: Special education teacher...

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Fuel company settles spill with $11k fine

SOUTH HERO — A Milton fuel company agreed to pay the state more than $11,000 following an oil spill into Lake Champlain last fall. According to the Agency of Natural Resources, Rowley Fuels violated state law after a technician improperly installed a 275-gallon fuel storage tank, causing kerosene to spill into Lake Champlain last October. It’s illegal to discharge to state waters without a permit. The fuel leaked into a brand new bunkhouse on Idlewild Road, migrated off the concrete floor and outside. A contractor removed 425 tons of contaminated soils and 140 gallons of the fuel from the...

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