Chilly cheer

Milton may be spared the worst of the blizzard that blanketed the northeast, but any Vermonter knows winter here is more than a season – it’s practically a lifestyle. Milton Recreation will celebrate that with food, fun and games at …  Read more

So long, farewell

Town and state officials gathered to bid adieu to departing town manager Brian Palaia on Monday, Jan. 26, where he received several keepsakes, including a framed shot of Milton by local photographer Betsy Finstad and wooden art by Milton Artists …  Read more

A DIY dream

With weddings being so costly, my fiancé and I knew we had to find a way to make ours affordable. With the help of our family and friends, we accomplished it. We decided to have a Vermont Vintage “Do It …  Read more

Liam Gibbons

Q: How do you serve the community? A: I serve the community by helping to film, edit, shoot, write and act in Yellowjacket TV, a student-run show for my school. I chose it because it pertains to something I enjoy: …  Read more

Victoria LaRen

Q: How do you serve the community? A: I have volunteered for UVM Medical Center since I was 8, and have raised thousands of dollars through a nonprofit donation-only yard sale I started in memory of Grace Emery and Drew Wall. …  Read more

Book Notes

It’s two weeks until Valentine’s Day and love, or at least chocolate, is in the air. Whether you think it’s a fake holiday to pad Hallmark’s coffers or a time to celebrate those we care about, it’s difficult to avoid …  Read more

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