Month: September 2014

Georgia man at large

A Georgia man is wanted by Vermont State Police for escape, failure to appear in court and grand larceny. Police say 29-year-old Travis W. Sweeney escaped on foot after state police, U.S. Marshals and a U.S. Border Patrol K9 unit attempted to locate him at two Georgia residences on Ballard Road and Cedarwood Terrace. Sweeney was reported running from the latter location and was last seen near the Milton-Georgia town line. The active search saturated the area, police said, beginning Friday night and continued into the weekend. Police are now seeking the public’s help in locating Sweeney, who was...

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Donovan: Goal is ‘transparency’

The public will have a chance to question the team who investigated allegations of sexual assault and hazing on the Milton High School football team next month. In a rare move, State’s Attorney TJ Donovan will come to MHS on October 2 to dialogue about the case, which has divided the community, School Board Chairwoman Mary Knight said. “I don’t do it often,” Donovan said, “so if it’s a case that’s important that’s affecting a community, I think it’s incumbent on us to speak directly to the community, to be as transparent as we can about what occurred and...

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ANR gives McRae all clear

The Agency of Natural Resources determined George McRae’s lot is no longer a junkyard under state statute, a recent decision reads. McRae, who runs a towing operation on Middle Road in Milton, received the notice earlier this month, concluding he no longer possesses excess scrap or more than three unregistered junk vehicles, defined by Vermont law as a recycling yard. After nearly landing in court, McRae settled, signing an assurance of discontinuance to clean his lot to ANR’s liking and agreeing to pay a $4,500 fine. Marc Roy, supervisor of ANR’s salvage yard program, gave the all clear on...

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Longtime Georgia gun shop to close

After nearly 40 years of business in Georgia, Bob’s Gun Shop is shutting its doors. “It’s just not fun anymore,” said owner Bob Letourneau, who opened the shop on Ballard Road in 1977. “The whole country is changing … it makes it kind of difficult to stay in business.” In his decision to close shop, Letourneau cited higher prices for ammunition and reloading supplies and the market shift from traditional guns toward assault weapons. “I did not carry them in my store, I will not carry them in my store,” Letourneau said of the paramilitary guns. “I have no...

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Special report: Poultry proclaim their purpose

The Milton Independent obtained exclusive access to the pair of turkeys that have been terrorizing townspeople as of late. We know you have questions. We have answers. See the revealing Q&A with the birds everyone’s talking about below. Milton Independent: First thing’s first … introduce yourselves. Turkeys: We prefer not to disclose our legal names for protection, but you may refer to us as Tom and Jake Turkey. MI: Why are you here? Don’t you have better things to do with your time? TT: As I said, for our protection, we need to stay mum on certain details. But...

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