Month: August 2013

Letter: Senior living

My life at a new senior housing: When I moved in 2010, it was new and nice. As the months went by, it got pretty bad for me. People didn’t like my sister and I; I am 71. I have never been used so badly. Some of them, when I said hi, they would make faces at me. When I go out on the deck, they get up and move. Now I am feeling bad for the way they use me. The manager has tried different things to see if people would get along. But this doesn’t work out....

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Author regales with lesson on early Vt. towns

Over a table of treats celebrating 250 years of Georgia’s past, Historical Society members Kim Asch and Dee McGrath debated the principles of the original governor of New Hampshire, Benning Wentworth. McGrath called him a unique thinker and a freedom fighter. “But he sold land that did not belong to him and pocketed the money; that’s what he did,” Asch countered. “On the other hand, he had huge principles: freedom,” McGrath said. “There weren’t rules so much, and already they were being bent by the other guys.” The conversation demonstrated exactly why Asch and her 10-year-old son, Ezra Shamy,...

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Brisson case unfinished

The Town of Milton versus Armand Brisson case continues, as a Superior Court judge gave the condemned building owner still more time to complete structural repairs after a hearing last week. Brisson was subject to a court order for his home at 2-4 River St., requiring him to patch-up the slate roof and rotting eaves and finish masonry work on the west side that fronts Route 7 by July 2. In court Monday, Aug. 19, both parties noted the work is only partially done. The new order, signed by Judge Geoffrey Crawford, sets a status conference for after October...

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Former governor still champion for women

Former Vermont Gov. Madeleine Kunin has worked since 1972 to get more women into elected office in Vermont. In September, she will launch a new organization, Vermont Emerge, to recruit and train women to run for public office. “There is still a need for more women in public office at all levels,” said Kunin. The former governor, who served from 1985 to 1991, remains the only woman to hold the highest elected office in the state. “I thought I’d have a successor as a woman governor long before this,” said Kunin during an interview at her Burlington home Tuesday....

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‘Milton welcomes you’ with new signage

Comers and goers to and from Milton are now greeted with shiny new signs. Last week, the last in a set was installed at the Georgia town line; a matching one is on the Colchester side. Highway crewmen Frank Boyle, John Devlin and Chris Lamphere heaved the heavy ovals atop granite posts in sweat-inducing heat last Thursday. The project was a result of an internal contest within the Milton Artists’ Guild, a local nonprofit that fosters art appreciation in Milton. An anonymous donor agreed to pay $10,000 toward the effort, and once they were built by Milton’s own Ye...

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