Month: August 2012

Town’s social media to limit dialogue

Earlier this month, the Milton Selectboard unanimously adopted a social media policy that largely takes the “social” part out of the online medium. The cover page says the policy strives for “limited person-to-person interaction” between town employees and the community. Instead, the policy says, social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter should “further the goals of the town.” The policy is available for download about halfway down the homepage of the town of Milton’s website, “Our focus for using the page was to put public information out there, not necessarily to engage in public discussions,” Town Manager Palaia...

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Milton’s message

The six-page social media policy the Milton Selectboard passed last month includes all sorts of guidelines for how the town should present itself online, but there’s one provision that didn’t make the policy but that will ultimately control the town’s social media presence. That is, the town manager prefers to have just one account per social media platform, even though the policy doesn’t say so. That means each town department cannot create its own, independent page; employees must instead add its updates to the official Town of Milton Facebook, Twitter or other account. Milton currently has official social media...

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PSB halts blasting at Georgia Mtn.

The sun spilled through the trees on a hilly piece of Jane FitzGerald’s 200-plus acre wood last Friday. Jane’s son, Dan; his wife, Tina; and their son, Cody, effortlessly trekked up the path strewn with mossy grass, broken branches and rocks. All this looked natural in the woods, but the FitzGeralds think some of it doesn’t belong. “Even though it’s little like that,” Dan FitzGerald said, pointing to a silver-dollar-sized rock, “the thing is, if anybody was up here, a piece of rock that size is like a bullet.” The dusty, gray rock was one of many pieces the...

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Student reps set agenda

They may not get to vote, but student representatives Sydney Trombly and Ryan Nichols definitely have opinions on the matters discussed by their elected peers on Milton’s School Board. Sydney and Ryan, a Milton High School senior and junior, respectively, were elected by their classmates to lend a student voice to discussions on issues that affect them most. The School Board has already considered three projects that would directly impact students, namely a $4.6 million renovation for the cafeteria, locker rooms and courtyard at Milton High School. The board hasn’t formally approved the projects, which would show up on...

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Court: Rhoades escapes contempt

A Superior Court judge ruled on Monday that former junkyard owner Gil Rhoades is not in contempt of a court order requiring him to remove tires and contaminated soil from his site. “The evidence is very clear that Mr. Rhoades has no present ability to pay,” Judge Geoffrey Crawford wrote. “He has exhausted his savings and has almost no income.” Though it’s undisputed that Rhoades did not complete the court-ordered work, Crawford said the state failed to prove that Rhoades could pay for it. He noted that Rhoades has no income besides Social Security and only makes small amounts...

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