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Paul Bohne, former Shelburne town manager, will take over for a few months once Brian Palaia departs for Massachusetts. (Photo courtesy of Shelburne News)

Interim manager hired

Selectboard members unanimously appointed a newly retired town manager to take Milton’s helm until a permanent leader is hired. Paul Bohne, former Shelburne town manager for 13 years who retired last March, will start in Milton on January 29, a …  Read more

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Kilian Weber
Grade 3

Kilian Weber

Nominating teacher: Angie Fitzgerald Kilian is an outstanding member of our classroom community. He is respectful and kind to anyone that he interacts with. Kilian works diligently on any task that is given to him. These qualities are what make …  Read more

Keghan Abell
Grade 1

Keghan Abell

Nominating teacher: Angela Filion Keghan is a student that is always doing what is expected. She is respectful and thoughtful to adults and peers. She is eager to learn and is always showing empathy and concern for others. Her manners …  Read more

Ethan Swan
House B

Ethan Swan

Ethan demonstrates leadership and citizenship on a daily basis. As a leader, Ethan’s style is to lead by example by being productive and completing his assignments on time, or voicing insightful and intelligent contributions to class discussions. His citizenship is …  Read more

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