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Ron Miller gazes down at Milton during a hot air balloon ride earlier this month on the eve of his 66th birthday. The ride was a gift from his friend and fellow passenger, Bernadette Murray, also of Milton. (Photo by Abby Ledoux)

Up, up and away

Standing in a woven wicker basket nearly 2,700 feet off the ground is a good way to gain some perspective. Everything is small – swimming pools, parking lots, highways. More than half a mile above the earth, you quickly realize …  Read more

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Shawn Bennett
Grade 1

Shawn Bennett

Nominating teacher Heidi Aranjo said, “Shawn is a new addition to our MES community, and what an addition! Shawn often helps friends make better choices by using kind words and including them in his activities. He is a great role …  Read more

Erin Lemieux
Grade 4

Erin Lemieux

Nominating teacher Jenn Sinclair-Cummings said, “Erin is a caring and thoughtful student. She frequently assists others who are in need with perhaps a pencil, an eraser or simply words of encouragement. Team Pride is very lucky to have Erin as …  Read more

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