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Jon Cooper

Meet the rookies

Milton police welcomed three new recruits to the force this year: Jonathan Cooper, Jareco Coulombe and Nick Hendry. The officers fill two vacancies and one position created when the department got a school resource officer. The rookies went through Milton …  Read more

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Rachel Lavallee
Grade 11
Age 17

Rachel Lavallee

Service Learning Coordinator Lynne Manley chose Rachel for this honor because her service project, working with the middle school drama group, was a direct extension of Rachel’s passion for theater. Q: How do you serve the community? A: I love …  Read more

Jonessa Rock
Grade 10
Age 15

Jonessa Rock

Lynne Manley, MHS service learning coordinator, picked Jonessa for her work with Milton’s Recreation Department. “Jonessa has been a wonderful help over the past year with Milton’s 250th Birthday Celebration, National Night Out, Pumpkins in the Park, Winter Festival, Babysitter …  Read more

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